Leena Pukki (b. 1984) is a visual artist who is interested in cultural hegemonies, humanity, relationship between human and other species, history, utopias, feelings, power relations and activism. Pukki’s techniques expand from large scale mural painting to media art and wearable artwork. She often works in a public space and in different artist groups or communities, also combining art to activism. She is member of Miracle Workers Collective, that will represent Finland at the 2019 Venice Biennale. She is a founding member of artist group Route Couture and activist performance group Scandinavian Punks.

Pukki received MA from the Aalto University School of Art and Design in 2015 and BA from Lahti University of Applied Sciences Art Institute in 2007. She has also studied in Kunsthochschule Berlin- Weissensee in Germany and in PUC-Rio in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Pukki lives and works in Helsinki but comes from Luumäki, southeast Finland.

Pukki is board member in MUU ry (Finnish interdisciplinary artist association), Cultural Cooperative Makasiini and Leftist Artists’ and Writers Association Kiila. She works for Makasiini Co-operative and as a coordinator-artist in Taideharrastus ihan lähellä- project in ARX, Hämeenlinna Culture Centre for Children and Youth.






2011-2015          Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture, Master’s Degree on Fine Arts, MA.

2014                   Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Departamento de Artes & Design

2003-2007        Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Art Institute, Bachelor of Art

2006                   Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee, Berlin, Germany

2000-2003        Savonlinna Senior Secondary School of Art and Music



2017                     Normality, Kouta Gallery, Kouvola

2015                     Squirrell Wants to Cut Down the Railway and Other Stories, Gallery Emil, Tampere

2014                     Route Couture, The Craft Museum of Finland, Jyväskylä

2014                     Route Couture, Pispala Centre of Contemporary Art, Tampere

2014                     Route Couture, Third Space, Helsinki

2009                     Siipeilijät, gallery Rajatila, Tampere

2009                     Remains, Gallery 3h+k, Pori



2019                     The Greatest Miracle of Perception, Finland Pavillion at Venice Biennale/ Miracle Workers Collective

2019                     Young Artists 2019, Kunsthalle Helsinki

        2020                    Nytkäys, Lappeenranta Art Museum

2018                     Koti nimeltä Krimi, Art Center Krimi, Imatra

2017                      Taidelukio 50, Cable Factory Valssaamo, Helsinki

2016                      Fest i Nova- Future Memory. Art Villa Garikula, Akhalkalaki, Georgia

2016                      5000m2, Lappeenranta Theatre, Lappeenranta

2015                      Wunderkammer, Gallery Huuto, Helsinki

2015                      Masculinisation, Studio 44, Stockholm, Sweden

2015                      Current State, Cable Factory, Helsinki

2014                      Rakkaudesta, Gallery Oyoy, Lahti

2013                      Erotus, The Glue Factory, Glasgow, Scotland

2012                      Antidote 5, MUU-gallery, Helsinki

2011                      Gallery Pihatto, Lappeenranta (with Hanna Peräkylä)

2011                       Art in conflict, Labour Museum Werstas, Tampere

2011                       Ars Kärsämäki, Art House Nahkuri, Kärsämäki

2010                      Lazer Bird’s Woolen Nest, gallery Visu, Kokkola (with Teemu Raudaskoski)

2009                      AVO 09- Cotton Revolution, Pirkankatu 10-12, Tampere

2009                     Recycling, Riihimäki Art Museum, Riihimäki

2009                     The Art of Basware, Sanomatalon mediatori, Helsinki

2009                     Money, money, money…, Art Museum Harkko, Raisio

2008                     Fennofolk, Design-museum, Helsinki (With music collective Paavoharju)



2017                        Leena Pukki, Karoliina Paappa, Stina Riikonen and Lari Lätti: Route Couture. Into kustannus.   Edited by Leena Pukki and Karoliina Paappa



2018                     Spread Your Wings/ Flightless Birds, Art Center Krimi, Imatra

2017                     Into the Light, Malminkartano train station, Helsinki.

2017                     Animals for Solidarity, Toijala, Akaa.

2016                     The Meeting, Garikula, Akhalkalaki, Georgia.



2018                        Route Couture Fashion Show, Spektaakkeligaala III, Helsinki

2017                         New Speak, Videokanava Online-gallery

2016                        Videokanava- festival, Third Space, Helsinki

2016                        Videokanava- festival, Art House Cinema Niagara, Tampere

2016                        Videokanava- festival, Gallery Titanik, Turku.

2016                        New Speak. Bodyword- festival, St. Petersburg, Russia. With Elena Leontiva



2018                      Project Grant, Paulo Foundation (In Other’s Skin- group with Karoliina Paappa)

2018                      Project Grant, Arts Promotion Centre of Finland, The Arts Council of South Savo

2015                       Academic Excellence Award, Aalto University, Master’s Degree Program in Fine Arts

2014                      Project Grant (Route Couture group), Arts Promotion Centre of Finland, The

                               Arts Council of Pirkanmaa

2010                      Grant for Professional Artists, City of Tampere

2009                      Grant for Young Artists, Tampereen Saskiat ry.



2017                       Serlachius- Residency, Serlachius Museums and Mänttä Art Festival, Mänttä- Vilppula, Finland

2013                       Case Pyhäjoki, Pyhäjoki. Initiated by artist Mari Keski-Korsu, collaboration in between Andrew Paterson/Pixelache, Antye Greie-Ripatti/Hai Art and Finnish Bioart Society

2013                       Taking Time, Antidote 6, Gallery Augusta, Helsinki. Organized by Teemu Mäki and Nora Sternfeldt

2009                       Taf Taf, Dakar, Senegal. Turku Artist’s Association’s residency.



MUU ry

Helsinki Artist’s Association


Kiila ry.